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Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix Yvette

“The blue bucket is a great product! She’s been on it for 3 weeks now, started to see the difference within 1 week. She’s been unwell for some time, and we’ve tried lots of different things. This is the first thing that just instantly made her feel and look amazing. She’s an all rounder, occasional muster and trail ride, starting on barrels if she’s staying this well.I’m super impressed, I’ve never seen such an improvement like it! She went from not wanting to eat to trotting around in her paddock in less than 3 weeks, incredible. Thank you so much! Will be a forever customer from now on, Started all our horses on it, an.. Read More

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix Katie

“I wanted to let you know that I have been using Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix on my horse and have notified a huge change in his behaviour. He is so much more calm and more manageable at competitions - in and out of the jumping ring. The only change in his diet has been the addition of Equilibrium B1CM and I now recommend it to anyone with a nervous horse. Not to mention he is also looking amazing for a 20 year old TB.” Katie*Photos by DKA Photography Read More

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix Lisa J

We have an ex polo pony at home who has always been very sensitive, anxious and flighty. He has always been jumpy to rug and catch and always seems to be on guard and unsure of people regardless of how much handling and ground work done with him. I put him on the B1 cool mix and within about 2 weeks he was like a different horse. He now follows us around like a pet dog, he can be rugged without being caught or fed and he is all round much easier to handle and friendlier and clearly less anxious. I would highly recommend it. Read More

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix Ginny

“Thank you Stance Equitec for taking the time to work through the best feed combination for Ronnie. Since Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix was added to Ronnie’s diet a calmness has descended on this horse. I used to call him ‘no surprises Ronnie’ as his nerves did not cope with a cracking branch, an unseen hand on his rump or an unexpected brush against his legs. Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix has taken the edge off Ronnie whether in the paddock or on the track – where his reaction to the bound of a close by kangaroo was likened to a yowie emerging from a swamp. When Ronnie’s friend Jum Jum Spirit goes out for a ride leaving Ronnie alon.. Read More

Equilibrium Mineral Mix Kirsty & Mickey D

“I can’t say enough about Equilibrium Mineral Mix! This is my 12 year old Welsh Section D, Mickey D. I’ve owned him for a year and it took a long time to get any kind of condition on him at all! His coat was dull and oily, mane and tail was dry and constantly breaking - until we started the trial! These photos are three months apart - how amazing is that? His coat is beautiful, shiny and healthy! He smells delish even though he hasn’t had a bath since the summer and has filled out beautifully! His hooves have become strong and indestructible. I am so amazed by this product I’ve started giving half scoops to my gypsy mare.. Read More

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