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Bringing Stance and Equitec Together

Stance Equine and Equitec Performance Products are Australian companies that merged to form Stance Equitec, bringing you a unique range of natural products that provide a natural advantage. The Stance feeds and the Equitec neutraceuticals provide you with an innovative range of non-GMO, non-medicated products.

Coconuts for Horses

Stance Equine pioneered the feeding of coconut (copra) meal to horses. The all natural, GMO and chemical free coconut meal that is of assured quality and low aflatoxin is our CoolStance. CoolStance is the only high energy, low NSC, all natural equine feed available globally. CoolStance, fed together with medium quality hay and the trace mineral vitamin mix VitaStance offers a complete feed giving..read more..your horse a simple feeding system. CoolStance is suitable for most performance and leisure horses. As well, it is suitable for horses with metabolic disorders including anhydrosis, ulcers, tying up, laminitis, cushing's, dysbiosis or leaky gut, hindgut acidosis, obesity, and stocking up.

Stance -Equitec Natural Supplements

Equitec Performance Products are non-medicated neutraceutical supplements curated to give holistic, natural support to performance equines. The intended use of the Stance Equitec products is as dietary supplements. None of the Stance Equitec products are  intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

AVPMA END Compliant

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